the podcast about intimacy that’s recorded while lying down.

  • episode 1. feed your delight: horizontal with mirelle

    “My body physically feels completely different than another person’s body — to be on top of, to be under, to be hugged, by, to be cuddled by, to be touched by, to be kissed by, to be charged with … that is completely unique. And I have discovered through experience that even with a multitude of other people, there’s some… Read More

    episode 1. feed your delight: horizontal with mirelle
  • making private conversations public

    Tomorrow I launch my podcast, and celebrate. I’ll be celebrating with most of my favorite things about sleepovers: pillows, cuddling, milk and cookies, salty stories, and massages… I’m hosting a Podcast Launch Pajama Party at Hacienda Studio. It’s my pilot event for a series I’m planning to call Horizontal Storytelling. A show crossed with a sleepover crossed with a live… Read More

    making private conversations public
  • the why of horizontal

    Welcome to horizontal with lila! Horizontal is the podcast of intimate conversations about sex, love, and relationships that’s entirely recorded while lying down. I’m lying down right now. While typing. I’m committed to horizontality. When I was 28, I went traveling for a year. I dubbed it “looking for love in all of the places.” Whether I stayed in campers or guest… Read More

    the why of horizontal